Todd Haley Postgame Comments

Posted Sep 11, 2011

Opening Statement (on honoring the victims of 9/11): “First, I want to recognize the date today, 9/11, and what occurred 10 years ago, and how hundreds and thousands of people were affected by it, some really up close and personally. Let all those people know we continue to pray for them, and support them and our country. It was a real special pre-game with a lot of emotion that you could feel deeply. I take my hat off to all those people who put their lives on the line for us every day, to be able to go out there and play football on Sundays and coach football on Sundays.”

Opening Statement (on the game): “It’s pretty clear cut, doesn’t need a lot of description. We did the things that if you do them you’re going to get beat, turning the ball over, not stopping the run, not converting third downs, allowing big returns, missing kicks. I am taking 100% responsibility for our team not being able to be ready to go. You can point the finger right at Todd Haley. That being said, I believe in those guys, I really do; I believe in my team and I think we’ve got a chance to do special things. We’re 0-1 in the first quarter of the season; our goal is to win three in the first quarter. We have to get better to do that. Twelve other teams lost today, we made it 13. We weren’t very good. We have to better and we’re going to be better. I believe in their ability to steel their mind and stick together in the face of adversity as a team and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Why do you think the team wasn’t ready? “I just know that we weren’t ready. The Buffalo Bills were better prepared today than the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buffalo Bills were more ready than we were to play today. We’ll be better. We have to be better next week. Today we were not prepared and I’m taking full responsibility for that as I should.”

On offensive play selection, specifically short yardage: “When you play the way that we played, we’ve got to have a better plan across the board; we need a better game plan offensively, defensively, and special teams because there’s not one you can look at and get real excited about. I believe in our guys and I believe that we will come back here and do everything we can to be 1-1 in the first quarter of the season.”

On bouncing back after TE Leonard Pope’s touchdown catch was overturned: “We didn’t come back. We had a chance to make some plays and we didn’t make them, but that play was not going to make a difference in that game, at least judging by the final result.”

Do you think the way you prepared through the pre-season had the team ready to play today? “If that’s what you would infer, then I would say yes. Our plan was to be as ready as we could be to go on Sept. 11th, also to be able to play 16 games and try to figure out a way to get into the playoffs and accomplish our goals, some way, some how. We weren’t ready today, we’re 0-1. We’re going to do everything we can to get back to 1-1 next week against Detroit.”

On the Chiefs defense: “That group is a tight-knit group that believes in each other and stuck together today. There weren’t any signs of guys not doing that. We’ll figure out a way to get better; you can’t pin it on any one group except for the head coach. Positions the defense were in were positions where no one would have a chance to succeed. I have to have our team more prepared to play football games.”

Was there a specific moment on the sideline when you sensed Buffalo was more prepared for this game than the Chiefs? “Probably the first kickoff return.”

How much did S Eric Berry’s absence have on the defense today? “Any time you lose somebody that is a big part of your team and plays a lot of plays, that’s going to be something that affects you. But how much it affects you is up to us to have guys ready to fill in. I talk about it all the time…injuries are part of the game; if you lose somebody you have to have somebody ready to step in and fill the void. In some cases, as history shows, those guys that step in to fill the void can actually become even better players. Today, obviously, that didn’t occur.”

On not using consecutive running plays…Why so pass heavy early on? “There are so many things that happen in a game, defensively and call-wise, how the offensive plays go in; some of them are run-pass, some of them are pass-run, some of them are just calls, some of them get checks, some of them get alerted…Sometimes in the end you see some of that happen. It wasn’t going to make a difference in the outcome today. We just need to be a lot better.”

On the effectiveness of the no-huddle: “We weren’t able to get a whole lot generated in general. It’s up to us as a coaching staff to figure out all these basic things, what your guys can do, how you can play them, what positions you can put them in to succeed and we didn’t get that done today. There were very few things to get excited about on a day like today.”

On the Chiefs special teams: “We weren’t ready to go. That is my responsibility. I will have them more ready to go next week. We need to have a chance to get back to 1-1 which is the number one goal right now. That’s the name of the game. Thirteen teams lost today and we were one of them. It doesn’t matter how you lose in this league, it really doesn’t. You’ve heard a million times there are no moral victories. We were bad; we were pretty much from start to finish.”

Is there anything possible you can take away from this game? “I believe in our guys, I really do. We have a good, talented, young group of guys that believe in each other and that core group has been part of seeing this team start in the right direction over the last couple of years and I believe that is what’s going to continue to happen. That core group of guys will stick together and find a way to get better every day.”

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