Todd Haley Postgame Comments - 10/31

Posted Oct 31, 2011

On the game: “I take my hat off to San Diego and the job they did; they fought like heck in a hard-fought game…both sides across the board I thought the two teams tried to do everything they could to win. I’m glad that it went our way. It was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but at the same time, I really don’t believe that that matters right now and to those guys in there. We have to get corrections done and clean some things up but I’m really just proud of our Chiefs, of our fans. Our fans were just phenomenal, they played a big part of the that game, causing problems for San Diego at the line. They were so loud they caused us a little problem offensively, but our fans were phenomenal. Our guys have handled some adversity and I think it’s had a positive effect for these guys and they believed they were going to win that game and that made it go their way despite not looking too promising there at the end, but that’s why you play the game out. A lot of guys fought hard to make good things happen, too many to mention. I’m really proud of the guys and I really care for them. They are fun to be around and fun to coach. It was a good night.”

How can you make mistakes and still manage to have a mob scene in the locker room? “Our guys had a common belief that we were going to come out on top. I thought we did a lot of good things early; we were staying out of some of the things that get you beat. We made some mistakes, everybody, coaches and players alike, but we were able to overcome it by sticking together and not giving up. I think that will continue to serve us well going forward.”

On LB Tamba Hali’s impact on the game: “Tamba is…it’s hard to put into words how much energy and effort he expends, on a fulltime basis, every snap. There isn’t one snap where you ever see him take a play off. People talk about motor, but this guy lives it from start to finish of every game, every practice. I’m so happy to be a part of a team [with him]. He is a true difference maker out there, but at the same time, there were a lot of guys out there. That was a physical hard-fought game like I said. Guys were fighting through, getting beat up, coming out and going back in…Tamba..Ryan Succop was terrific; I thought Dustin was terrific. I thought Jackie Battle was terrific. Le’Ron McClain made, arguably, one of the best plays I have ever seen a fullback make, on the catch out in the flat where he knew he was going to get it, and to be able to hold on to the ball…it was a phenomenal play when we really needed it, kind of getting the game going. It’s everybody, and I hate to mention one without mentioning them all because everyone really fought their tail ends off to make that result what it was.”

On the effect of the fireworks in the parking lot following Rivers’ 4th quarter fumble: “I just saw the ball squirt out and guys saying on the sideline, ‘it ain’t over til it’s over. Keep playing and keep digging in, keep taking snaps because you don’t know it’s going to happen. I thought a couple of times out there where there was loose ball and everybody’s got a fair chance….those are plays that get me fired up, when a guy goes into the pile and comes up with the football…We’ve got some fighters. They don’t care much about what anybody says, they just believe in what they’re doing and what they’re going to be and what they’re going to accomplish. We’re 3-0 in the second quarter. That was a big, big win for us against a division opponent. Much like I told the players beforehand, if we win this game it doesn’t mean we’re going to be playing in the Super Bowl; if we lose it doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance, but I’m happy with the win. This is going to be a short week getting ready for Miami. We’re beat up right now; it’s going to be all hands on deck trying to get these guys back into a position where they can go out and play again in a short time.”

On the Halloween masks some of the players found on the field at the end of the game: “I thought there was a no-mask rule...I don’t know where they came from, but that was a fun game.”

On the game-winning drive and choosing to kick versus continuing to move the ball down the field: “We thought that we’d have a chance from the 36 or 37, but I felt like the wind had really picked up as the game went on. I happened to be turned around when we were in that timeout before the coin toss. I saw both kickers miss one right and miss one left into that same end zone, so I kept asking are we trying to score here? We were talking through it and it’s always a fine line on the decision making of when to go ahead and send the kicking team out there because once you do that you’re counting on a successful operation, a successful kick and I thought Ryan came through, I thought the who operation came through be3autifully. But it is one of those tough decisions to make. Once you send a team out there…we were running the ball pretty good, but bad things can happen there. That was a big-time drive there under a great deal of duress and I thought the guys just stood up.”

On RB Jackie Battle: “He’s one of those guys that appears to get stronger as the game goes on. I was walking up the tunnel with him and I asked him, ‘was it too many carries? You can go back to playing a bunch of special teams, getting a couple of carries…’ but he said, ‘Oh no, I love this!’ I was obviously joking with him but he was a warrior and he’s displayed that really as a player here for us in the three years I’ve been here. He’s a player that I’ve been happy and excited to see him seize this opportunity.”

On RB/WR/KR Dexter McCluster: “I thought Dexter got it going. It’s been a little rough go for him here where he had some opportunities and, obviously, the ball got on the ground, which cannot happen, regardless of the review or no review. I was really impressed with what Dexter did. The entire running back/receiver/tight end group they just fought it out. We got some production from our rookie, Jonathan Baldwin; I was really encouraged with his progression the last couple of weeks. I think everybody’s excited about him. Dexter was tremendous down the stretch: when we needed those extra yards he got them and those were big, big plays. Stevie’s catch across the middle where he was able to break a tackle and get extra yards…those run-after-catch, run-after-contact yards ended up being a difference maker for us.”

Have you ever felt part of a bigger win with the Kansas City Chiefs? “Every time you win in the NFL is a huge win. We’ve been fighting it out here to continue to develop this team. I walked off that Indianapolis field and said it was one of my favorite games of all time. When you’re down a couple times by 17 points and on the road [and end up with a win], that’s pretty fun. The Oakland game was pretty fun when there was a zero up there for the other team. Winning this game doesn’t do anything for us except getting us to 3-0 in the second quarter and our goal coming into this four-game stretch was to get there, plus because we knew we had to get some back from the start. I think tonight’s just about these guys and the fight they have.”

Was there something different these last three games than in the previous three: “I think we’ve just got a bunch of guys that were here and carried over…they’ve become a team and you can see it in more ways than just on the field. I really believe that, in this league, the best team generally wins and right now we’re a good team together.”

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