Quinn finds right fit in KC

Posted Mar 19, 2012

New Chiefs QB Brady Quinn feels at home with Romeo Crennel and Brian Daboll

Brady Quinn left Denver seeking a new lease on his NFL life. The right fit for Quinn, unquestionably, was found in Kansas City.

Quinn confirmed on Monday that he took less money than the Broncos were offering to sign a one-year free agent deal in Kansas City. This was before Peyton Manning (apparently) made his decision to wear Denver orange next season.

 “I felt like the opportunity to come and play for Kansas City was a better situation for me right now,” Quinn explained. “When you look at the Denver situation there were a lot of unknowns. It was a great organization, but I felt that for me personally it was a better opportunity to go to Kansas City.”

The Broncos wanted to re-sign Quinn for a reserve role, whether it was to backup Manning or incumbent starter Tim Tebow. He found the opportunity greater in Kansas City, despite accepting a lower salary.

“I just think that you can’t make every decision in life based on money,” Quinn said. “For me, personally, I had to take advantage of making the best decision I felt was out there for me at that given point in time. I feel like Kansas City was the right choice.”

Quinn’s last start came in 2009 with Cleveland under new Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. He made nine starts in Daboll’s system that year and three starts during Romeo Crennel’s final season serving as Browns head coach in 2008.

Crennel was part of a Browns front office that traded up to select Quinn 22nd overall in the 2007 NFL Draft.

“One of the biggest things for me was my comfort level in Coach Crennel, having been drafted by him as well as playing under Brian Daboll,” Quinn said. “I know (Daboll’s) system, have worked with him before and I really enjoyed my experience with him.

“(Crennel) knows how to coach and he knows how to take care of players. He knows how to do the right things. Romeo isn’t going to baby guys and he’s going to be hard on guys when he has to be. He’s got a lot of savvy and does a lot of great things that I think will put our team in the best position to win.”

In Kansas City, Quinn will compete with Ricky Stanzi in a bid to backup starter Matt Cassel. Quinn hopes to push Cassel with competition, but understands his role in joining the Chiefs will begin as a backup.

“They said that Matt Cassel is the starting quarterback right now and that’s where things are,” Quinn said. “There will obviously be competition, like there should be on every team. Competition makes everyone better.”

In five NFL seasons, Quinn has made just 12 NFL starts. His career hasn’t gone the way most predicted when he fell to Cleveland in what looked like a draft day steal at the time. He immediately received endorsement deals, including serving as the primary spokesman for EAS supplements.

Cleveland moved on from Quinn prior to the 2010 season, ironically trading him to Denver for new Chiefs RB Peyton Hillis. Quinn didn’t appear in any games with the Broncos as a backup to Tebow and Kyle Orton.

“I am where I am and there is not a lot you can do about the past,” Quinn said, reflecting on his NFL career. “I think one thing that you can do is try to learn from things. I’ve tried to learn from my past mistakes and move forward. You have to try and take away as many positives in the learning experiences you’ve had and try to apply that to new situations in the new parts of your life. I guess that’s the best way to sum up where I’m at.”

 “I’m just looking forward to playing under Romeo again. I think he’s a smart coach and he definitely knows how to take care of players and put us in the best possible position to win.”

If Quinn can succeed as an NFL quarterback, he best chance is no doubt in Kansas City.

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