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Posted Jan 14, 2012

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Reunions are a part of everyone’s past as they age, especially if that past is glorified by something significant like a championship.  The original Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City in 1963 but paid tribute to the franchise’s first AFL championship of 1962 twenty years later and it’s somewhat intriguing to see what the players on that team were doing after winning it all in the early days of the fledgling American Football League.

Here’s a list of the players from that Texans team – many of whom had relocated in Kansas City when the franchise moved there – and what they were doing now.  It’s an interesting look from a time when professional athletes couldn’t simply rest on their large salaries or signing bonuses as life wore on and athletic talents waned.

Please remember that these were their professions twenty years out. Many went on to other jobs and careers.

Fred Arbanas (1961-70), Tight End, Jackson County legislator and owner of his own advertising agency. Kansas City, MO

Sonny Bishop (1952), Guard, owner of Bishop Management, developing commercial properties, Houston, TX

Mel Branch  (1960-65),Defensive End, Maintenance mechanic for Boise Southern Paper, Company, DelRidder, LA

Tommy Brooker (1962-66), Tight End/Kicker, Independent insurance and real estate broker, Tuscaloosa, AL

Chris Burford (1960-67), Wide Receiver, Attorney and partner in a law firm, Walnut Creek, CA

Walt Corey (1960-66), Linebacker, Assistant coach, Defensive Backs, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City, MO

Jerry Corneilson (1960-65), Offensive Tackle, Executive with Haggar Clothing Company, Kansas City, MO

Len Dawson (1962-75), Quarterback, NBC-TV and HBO sports, Kansas City, MO

Charley Diamond (1960-63), Offensive Tackle, Cost analyst for Edward Garret, Inc., Dania, FL

Jon Gilliam (1961-67), Center, Business consultant, Dallas, TX

Dave Grayson (1961-64), Defensive Back, Commercial real estate, San Diego, CA

Abner Haynes (1960-64), Running Back, Player Agent, Dallas, TX

Sherrill Headrick (1960-67), Linebacker, retired, Tournament bridge player, Fort Worth, TX

EJ Holub (1961-70), Linebacker/Center, Foreman, Mullendore Ranch, Copan, OK

Bill Hull (1962), Defensive End, Part-owner of real estate and commercial building company, Raleigh, NC

Bobby Hunt (1962-67), Defensive Back, Executive with Haggar Clothing Company, Charlotte, NC

Frank Jackson (1961-65), Wide Receiver, Attorney, Dallas, TX

Curtis McClinton (1962-69), Fullback, Executive with Amtrak, Washington, DC

Jerry Mays (1961-70), Defensive End, President, Avery-Mays Construction Company, Dallas, TX

Curt Merz (1962-68), Guard, Disc Jockey KMBZ radio, realtor, Kansas City, MO

Bill Miller (1962), Wide Receiver, President and owner, MSB Lounges, Inc., Miami, FL

Bobby Ply (1962-67), Defensive Back, Vice President for accounting, Kansas City, MO

Al Reynolds (1960-67), Guard, Cement truck driver, Greenwood, MO

Johnny Robinson (1960-71), Defensive Back, owner of center for wayward and abused children, Monroe, LA

Paul Rochester (1960-63), Defensive Tackle, Sales manager, southeastern Metals MFC Company, Orange Park, FL

James Saxton (1962), Running Back, Executive Texas Commerce Bank, Austin, TX

Jack Spikes (1960-64), Fullback, President, Edsco Oil Drilling Company, Dallas, TX

Smokey Stover (1960-66), Linebacker, Geologist, Duson, LA

Marvin Terrell (1960-63), Guard, Sales for Mississippi Road Supply, Yazoo City, MS

Eddie Wilson (1962-64), Quarterback/Punter, Assistant Coach, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Duane Wood (1960-64), Defensive Back, Administrative Assistant Kiamichi Electric Cooperative, Wilburton, OK

Deceased Players:  Ted Greene (1960-62), Linebacker; Jim Tyrer (1961-73), Offensive Tackle

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