Who are the Red Coaters?

The Kansas City Red Coaters are a community-service organization comprised of business men and women, working professionals and individuals who are passionate about their Kansas City Chiefs and have the opportunity to give back to the city, surrounding area’s and the region. For over 50 years, the Red Coaters have represented the team on game day in addition throughout the year, volunteering with organizations from a variety of civic/charity events, golf tournaments, community services, Harvesters food distribution, school reading programs, NFL Play 60 events and the 'Cook for Kids' program for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The Red Coaters enjoy a very special opportunity to express their fandom on game day and enhance their experience as they proudly welcome the Chiefs to the field at Arrowhead Stadium, a tradition that remains intact since 1963. 

Each year, Red Coaters volunteer with Chiefs staff at every level, from Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt to the front office, KC Wolf,  Chief Cheerleaders to current and former players; and above all, with the fans.

History of the Red Coaters:

In 1963, when Chiefs Founder Lamar Hunt decided to move his Dallas Texans to Kansas City, he needed support in selling season tickets to the football games at Municipal Stadium. Mayor H. Roe Bartle brought the business community in to assist the Chiefs with the task of selling season tickets. These individuals took to the streets, storefronts, neighborhoods and everywhere possible to sell tickets.  In turn, these business executives became united and known as the ‘Red Coaters’. At each home game from the inaugural football season, the Red Coaters were a part of the pre-game pageantry and formed a ‘tunnel’ for the Chiefs to run through during team introductions.

Throughout the years, the Red Coaters were not only the catalysts in helping the Chiefs sell season tickets but also to assist with the renewal program and serve as key liaisons between the season ticket holder and the administration.

In 1992, The Red Coaters put their efforts into a plan of celebrating the start of the NFL season… with Red Friday! Red Friday began with Red Coaters taking to the street corners of Kansas City selling newspapers with a special Chiefs edition to benefit local charities. Fans throughout the region celebrate Red Friday by donning red in support of their favorite team – in offices, schools and homes.  Since its inception, Red Friday has generated over $600,000 for local charities.

Red Friday celebrated its 21th Anniversary in 2013. Red Coaters continue to make Red Friday a highly successful event and fundraiser at the start of the NFL season. Red Coaters, along with Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt, Chiefs Executives, Ambassadors, Cheerleaders, KC Wolf, Celebrities and many volunteers continue to  take to street corners throughout  Kansas City and in addition, team up with CEO’s of Businesses and Chiefs Sponsors to sell the Red Friday Magazine and raise money for the Chiefs Children’s Fund.

In 2010, the Red Coaters refocused their efforts from season ticket holder sales and service to representing the team at civic and charitable programs throughout the community.

In 2011, The Red Coaters contributed more than 3100 hours of community service in the Kansas City area and in support of a very special project, ‘Christmas for the Children of Joplin’. Over 1200 gifts were purchased on behalf of the Chiefs Organization and the Red Coaters along with the Chiefs Cheerleaders and Chiefs Staff wrapped the gifts and delivered them to 4 elementary schools within the Joplin area.

In 2012, The Red Coaters contributed more than 3500 hours of community service in Kansas City in addition many went to Joplin on two occasions to assist with rebuilding of homes and building a playground. Additional participation included visiting patients at the VA Hospital and raised over $40,000 on Red Friday benefiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas City.

In 2013, Red Coaters volunteered over 4000 hours in the community and for stadium events at Arrowhead. In addition, $75,000 was raised on the sale of Red Friday Magazines benefiting the Ronald McDonald House.

In 2014, the Red Coaters were a part of Arrowhead history as they led the crowd to 142.2 decibels taking the title of the Guinness World Record loudest crowd roar back to Kansas City. They were instrumental in the birth of a new tradition at Arrowhead with the pregame parade and a part of the largest Red Friday in Chiefs history. As a whole, they served over 4,200 hours of community outreach on behalf of the Chiefs organization.

Currently, there are 70 Active Red Coaters. Red Coaters range in years of active status from 1 year to 43 years as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs Red Coat Program.

To Become a Red Coater:

To be a Red Coater is a commitment! The Chiefs Organization makes a commitment to Red Coater’s in return.

2015 Application and process to become a Red Coat Apprentice:

Applications are now being accepted to become a Kansas City Chiefs Red Coat Apprentice.  Interviews for new members will be schedule in March 2015. A preset number of candidates will be selected to participate in the Red Coat Apprentice Program. Upon complying with the 2015 Code of Conduct (see below) and fulfilling the complete list of requirements (see list below) of the Apprentice Program for one (1) Chiefs season, individuals can earn their Red Coat.

2015 Red Coater Application (PDF)

Code of Conduct for Red Coat Apprentice Program:

Red Coaters are volunteers that assist the Kansas City Chiefs Organization throughout the year. This affiliation is a direct reflection of the Chiefs Organization as well as the National Football League and as such, it is imperative that Red Coaters and Red Coat Apprentices maintain the utmost level of integrity and decorum when representing the Chiefs Organization and in keeping with these objectives; the following guidelines have been established. In the event an Apprentice violates these guidelines, that individual will be subject to probation, suspension and or termination from the Red Coat Apprentice Program and all benefits/privileges thereof.

  • Participation as an Active Red Coater and or Red Coat Apprentice at any Chiefs Game Day, Stadium Event, Community Event and or any other Chiefs functions (including the Spirit Funnel on game day) under the influence of drugs and or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Participation as an Active Red Coater and or Red Coat Apprentice shall not smoke, be under the influence of drugs and or drink alcoholic beverages when volunteering for the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium and or at any Community Event or Chiefs affiliated events. In addition , while in uniform that includes and not limited to the Red Coat and any other Red Coat logoed merchandise at Arrowhead Stadium and or at Community Events and or any Chiefs affiliated events.
  • An Active Red Coater and or Red Coat Apprentice shall not speak in a manner that is unflattering to the Chiefs Organization and or participate in the social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with negative content regarding the Chiefs Organization. In addition, no cell phone use of calls, texting, emails and or any use of social media while in the active role of a Red Coater. All concerns about the Chiefs Organization should be addressed directly to the Red coat Head Captain and or Chiefs Liaison.
  • An Active Red Coater and or Red Coat Apprentice shall refrain from behavior and or actions that not only harms them as an individual but also harms the perception of the Chiefs Organization.
  • An Active Red Coater and or Red Coat Apprentice shall honor commitments made to the Chiefs Organization and fulfill obligations in which on has committed to be participant.
  • The Red Coat logo is property of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Organization and its usage is only permissible with prior authorization.

Requirements to Become a Red Coater:

Once the interview process is complete, individuals will be notified as to their status of being accepted into the Red Coat Apprentice Program. As a member of the Apprentice program, these requirements shall be met:

  • Be a Chiefs Season Ticket Holder or have access to season tickets on a regular basis
  • Serve as a member of the Red Coat Apprentice program for one (1) Chiefs season
  • Participate in Red Friday by selling Red Friday Magazines on a designated street corner
  • Participate in four (4) Stadium Events at Arrowhead Stadium
  • Participate in five (5) Chiefs Community Events
  • Participate in one (1) or more Chiefs Training Camp sessions in St. Joseph, MO.
  • Attend two (2) Chiefs sponsored Social Events
  • Participate in the Spirit Funnel for the two (2) preseason games
  • Participate in six (6) of seven (7) Red Coat Apprentice meetings/seminars scheduled for the months: April, May, June, July, August, October, November
  • Participate in a Special Fundraising Project in November

Upon completion of the one (1) Chiefs season term as a member of the Red Coat Apprentice program and fulfillment of the above requirements, individuals will earn their Red Coat. The Red Coat will be presented during pregame at the Chiefs last home game in December of 2015.

Red Coaters are managed by five (5) of their peers that are referred to as ‘Team Captains’ and work with the Chiefs Special Projects Coordinator who serves as Liaison between the Chiefs and Red Coaters. 

For additional info contact Stephanie Judah at

Thank you for your interest in the Red Coat Program and your continuous support of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Organization!


2015 Red Coater Roster

Terry Abella

Dave Adcock

Ray Alvarez

Judy Bardwell

Dan Bentch

Sandy Bentch

Danny Buda

Frank Carroll

Paul Cherry

Christy Chester

Ed Christgen

Carole Crowley

Jerry Cygan

Sharon Cygan

Tim Donovan

Mike Ebenroth

Jim Fricke

Jeannette Fricke

Clara Fuller

Scott Fuller

Brenda Garvin

Ralph Garvin

Lacey Glover

Mike Graybeal

Mitzy Graybeal

Brian Gregory

Deborah Haber

Dawn Harper

Al Herrera

Pam Kelley

Dan LaDue

Bill Lehman

Carol Lehman

Carolyn Lehnus

Mike Lehnus

Gene Malcolm

Ron Manes

Kenny Marrs

Peggy Marrs

Wally Melte

Debbie Miller

Lee Miller

Rick Moore

Dale Newby

Linda Newby

Gwendolyn Nickles

Gary O'Bannon

Jim Patterson

Sandra Riley

Julie Schleicher

Brent Sledd

Joanie Smith

Kelly Stonestreet #1

Kelly Stonestreet #2

Blake Thomas

Nancy Walker

Grady Weston

Vessie Williams

Pat Winkler

Pat Woodson

Lori Wurzer

Ray Zakovich

2015 Red Coater Apprentices

Margie Carder

Diane Higdon

Kathy McPherson

Rita Padilla

Klarissa Skinner

Mark Stubbs