Chiefs Rumble

The Chiefs Rumble has been a fan favorite on gamedays since its inception in 2010. Roaming the parking lots and providing the soundtrack for the greatest tailgating experience in the NFL, the Rumble provides a presence like no other found around the League.

The Rumble is presented by, an instrument rental outlet that can deliver nationally, and consists of 28 local musicians who perform not only on the concrete parking lots of Arrowhead but also in the bowl during pregame.

Led by talented musician and instructor, Matt Arnett, the Rumble has increased in size since its creation and will be heard throughout Arrowhead and the Chiefs Kingdom, leading our Chiefs on to Victory!

Request An Appearance

Are you looking for that heart pounding addition to your next get together?  Bring Arrowhead to your front steps by hiring the Rumble for your next corporate or personal event any time of the year.  Information is available by emailing or calling 816.920.4510.

Rumble Packages

5 to 7  Rumble Members ($350)

8 to 12 Rumble Members ($660)

12 to 15 Rumble Members ($825)

15+ Rumble Members (Price Negotiable)

*All prices are based on performance which are an hour or less.

2014-2015 Rumble Roster

SNARES: Matt Arnet, Alex Vallar, Andy Foerschler, Marcus Neudigate, Ian McClaflin, Devin Kennedy, Kelsey Cook, Jill Endaya, Bill Shaltis, Jack Latta, Andy Jackson, Nathan Morse ALTERNATES: Dax Laidlaw, Adam Edmunds, Rob Lara, Sam Juarez

TENORS:  Calvin Dugan, Jon Bailey, Ryan Wear

BASSES:  Shelby Charles, James Adams, Matt Mirsch, Brandon Johnson, Josh Benteman

CYMBALS:  Kelsey Switzer, Kolby Koczanowski, Drew Yarnell, Keith Langabee, Alex Popp, Alex Braud


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